Hello, Everyone!

I am impassioned strongly to share with you something very dear to my heart… My purpose. Specifically, people want to know why I got into Real Estate. Honestly, financial freedom is my number one answer. But believe it or not, there is more to it than that. I am a Christian, I am called to fill the earth and subdue it. (Genesis 1:28)NIV Subduing means, “to overcome or bring under control.” A child of the mighty and matchless Lord of Lords has to own property to subdue it, right? I am a “Kingdom Advancer” meaning I have destiny and purpose.

Not to say all people don’t have a destiny but some people never realize their full potential. Rather they don’t accept the gift of God wanting to give them a life they desire and hope for because they lack the vision to bring this promise to life. In a moment of surrender, you have to put down your dreams and pick up the cross with Christ. Accept the greatness of the call Jesus offers (daily). Sometimes purpose requires a higher level of self-sacrifice (your Cross). Everything I do big or small is to bring Glory to God.(My Cross) I praise God in my education, career, relationships, business, and love life. I have not always been at this point of realization that God wants all of me. Surely God doesn’t want to know my secret things, the shameful things of who I truly am. I used to think that when we cast our burdens on Christ, He wanted the most pressing or stressful issues I was dealing with at the time. I now know, that’s not so. He wants it all, today. I admit that I once held God in a regard of man. I felt that I could only ask so much from God because that’s what I learned from my loved ones. That there is only so many things, people can give you. Until I fell in love with God, He gave my full access.

Full access to emotional stability, mental clarity, business strategy, wealthy habits. God is the keeper and distributor of all wisdom, knowledge, strategy, beauty, love, purpose, this list could go on. I ask you after sharing my call with you, what is it that you know God is calling you to do? What miracle is God patiently waiting to manifest in your life?










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