Sometimes in life, we can make such a shape-shifting decision that launches us into our season of more. I don’t mean a literal season like summer, winter, fall, or spring. I mean the next season of your life; the harvest of the seeds you’ve sown. Keep in mind that balance is in everything, even good and bad seeds. Every person knows that what we reap we will sow. As a believer, I know the power of every moment, every action, every thought, every word spoken. My mind, heart, and lips are very fertile ground. I will see a manifestation of what I have been giving my creating power to.

I have a past that was destructive, dangerous, and damning but I gave it to God. People spoke things over me as a child that I manifested because positivity wasn’t spoken over me. I had to outgrow those horrible accusations and beliefs (lies) of who people thought I would be based on my bloodline. Children are so precious and innocent and truly a gift from God. Not because children are perfect little angels, but because they are pure beings. They have not learned to cover their true feelings, as adults, we must guide that child to communicate properly.

You may be asking, Brittani, what does all of this have to do with divine confirmation? Well, it may mean nothing to you but for me, this means I will be working at my church summer camp. My church is in the inner city and let’s just say there are many opportunities to serve others. I am going to do this because I need to sow seeds of limitlessness. I will teach or at least show these children what it means to be living with intentions. To say what you mean and speak what you feel. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people could communicate? I think so and I will do my part.

I challenge you to make a difference from this day forward. Be intentional about the positive seeds you want to give others that can never repay you. I am starting with children. Join me in volunteering at my church if you are in the Houston area. Feel free to comment, email or call me. Take this as divine confirmation that a child would appreciate a bit of attention from you. God uses things so small and makes them great, your next seed can launch you into your season of more!!!!!!!!!!

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