Years ago I met a little girl that had the brightest smile and most convincing plea when she whines, “Ms. Brittani.” From the moment I met her and her sisters, I wanted to adopt them. But realistically I didn’t think it was a wise decision. Honestly, I didn’t trust God enough to lead to me to take on the responsibility of a motherless child. At this hour, the Lord is pouring out knowledge and understanding like never before, and I have accepted the call to break the strongholds on these little girls.

I sound like such a softie, but this young lady still has my heart. Not only her but she is welcoming her friends, it’s three little girls. I consider these my blessings because they are motherless daughters. I cannot describe the desire I have to fill the void of a missing mother in their hearts. One mother is incarcerated, and the other mother is deceased.

I want you to think to yourself… What is a mother? She is a lover, she is a teacher, she is the image and hope that little girl has as an example. Without the love of a mother, I don’t know how girls can fulfill the precious calling on their life, but God. I know it is not a coincidence for my angels and me to cross paths. I watch so many documentaries about women in prison because I want to understand the breakdown in a person’s life, that they end up behind bars. The root of it spiritually is generational curses and unclean spirits.

Once again, I have been called to set these little girls free. Speaking life and blessing over them. God has allowed me to see the destiny of these little girls and I am so confident in God that He will do what He has promised. I can only lead my girls to Jesus because I have healed my own brokenness with a particular formula. Prayer. Again, God is pouring out His wisdom and knowledge like never before.

I have accepted my part in making sure these girls are loved, prayed for, provided for, and valued. The girls are currently being raised by Grandma, and that is the next best thing to Mom. But Grandma needs rest.

Today, I am not rushing to the courthouse to make them my daughters according to Man’s law. But spiritually I have taken them on as my daughters. Not by my own strength but by the loving kindness of God. Tonight, think about how many children are going to sleep without being tucked in by the sweet comfort of a mother. I pray that you ask God to let you see the needs of this world and just fill the void you can. We are all created with unique gifts and talents, and mine just happens to be love. I am a Queen. Therefore I lead my Princesses by example.



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