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A topic that has been on my mind since my last post about my birthday has been dating and relationships. The Bible says that we should marry to date, but society tells us to date to marry. Did Boaz hesistate when he found Ruth? Marinate on that for a second.

Now let’s translate this into how it looks in my life; specifically the application of what God promises to me vs. what I think that promise looks like; my expectation (potential). If I try to reason this with my thoughts (carnal mind) instead of seeking the word of God(spirit mind), I wouldn’t know what my husband looks like. Fortunately, I am a smart cookie and I learn from my mistakes. I know that I cannot lean to my own understanding in what I think my husband should look like. I have to look to God to know what the man He has for me looks like. I used to think that my husband was Tailor-Made for me and there was only one for me. But how many of you know that it takes obedience to receive all that God has for you. AND if you’re not willing to conform to the ways of God then He will raise a willing man to be what God says you deserve in your life?!

Whew! That was a mouth-full. So many times we pray for things and sow seeds and when the challenge comes (harvest) someone else reaps our sweat and work (prayers). I am currently in a harvest and I thought with my little mind that harvest meant that I would scoop up blessings and reap the seeds I’ve sown like mushrooms on Super Mario. It takes more than sliding into your blessing. You have to uncover, call, and fight for what you know is yours.IMG_0589 As that seed has grown so has a tare and you must separate your fruit from the weeds because they have grown so close that they are intertwined. While you have been fasting and praying for your breakthrough, the enemy has been working on something twice as hard to counter what God has for you. Literal bombs and landminds planted by the enemy are going off to discourage me. Weapons will form but they shall not prosper.

Please receive this somebody aka ME! Receive the message that you are in your season of breakthrough with all the promises God has for you. Now that your time has come, will you pick the potential or the promise? Will you pick what was designated, appropriated, and called for you or what looks like, sounds like, but isn’t quite so nice? Learn from my mistakes for you should choose what God has for you. The only way to see the difference is with the Holy Spirit’s revelation.

And to be completly honest with you I am ready to give up, throw the towel in and walk away… Until God tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Are you going to leave your harvest for the tiny foxes?” Then my spirit man said, “NO!”, I am literally at the place of solitude where I have applied the formula of God and I’m just waiting for the manifestation. I am fighting, ignoring the lies, tuning out the distractions, and focusing on my purpose in God He called me to according to His will to fulfill His purpose. This post is to enourage myself and I pray you are blessed as well my friend. I know I am not alone in this battle and wherever you are, pray to your God. He will hear you. He will deliver you. He will answer you. Just wait on it.


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