Unapologetically Fabulous

Good Day my Beauties!

In case you are wondering, the summer camp at my church is going well. The children have blessed me in so many ways of honesty and identity.

In my childhood, I was not as sure of myself as these kids are. They are incredibly clear about their likes and dislikes. It baffles me how they know so quickly what they desire and what they detest.

Their behavior reminds me of my own relationship with the Lord. “Unless you repent and become like little children (trusting, humble, forgiving), you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3 AMP) The contrast is that I am a twenty-something-year-old woman and it took me these children’s lifetime thus far (10 years) to learn what they instinctively know.  A secret between you and I is that I am just now walking in who God created me to be. My identity, my placement in time, my neighborhood, my gifts, my talents, my career, my looks, my body type, my wisdom have all been assigned to me by God.

I have recently discovered God gave me a voice and heart to worship. In the back of my mind, there is that ego saying, “You know you don’t sound that good, you can’t sing like (insert favorite singer here).” But just this last Sunday after church, a sister came to me and said she missed my voice. She needed to hear my voice, it’s so pure and innocent and wants to hear me let go and stop holding back. So I will do just that; I will sing like no one is listening but my Lord.

Like always, I want to leave you with something to ponder… Be you. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY FABULOUS. Do not listen to people that know nothing of your   God-given purpose. Unless you hear clear directions from the Lord your God, do not move. Do not be pressured by the spirits and things of this world because they are in opposition of your calling as a child of the KING OF KINGS. I know from my own experience that FAITH is a walk, one step, one foot, one situation at a time; in a rhythmic, steady, calculated, and intentional pattern. Do not let an outsider cause you to stumble. Let it marinate!

As always… Peace and Love.


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