Hey, You! The Strong and powerful person reading this!

The summer camp has officially ended, and my life (routine) is some what ALMOST back to normal. I grew so attached to my little babies that I am noticing an emptiness without them.

Those children gave me the motivation to wake up in the morning, no matter how random, grumpy, or needy they were, they were my little buckets of happy. As I am making my way back to the reality of adulting daily I realize how childlike I have become in my faith. I have begun believing for MIRACLES and EXPECTATIONS… I am thinking BIGGER.

I know this may not mean anything to you but for but by stepping up my faith the enemy has noticed the increase of my anointing. He has noticed that I have more angels of protection, along with these increases I have more POWER and AUTHORITY. Not because I am so mighty, but I believe in a GOD that created the Universe. That LORD OF LORDS is MY DADDY in HEAVEN!

My purpose for this blog is not to brag about my relationship with God or come across “Holier than Thou,” but I want to encourage you. When you wake up in the morning and realize you have the workings of your body, your mind, your heart and all organs are functioning properly… Sit in that magnificence for a moment and realize your breath was your first gift this day… What impression are you going to put in the world on people’s heart today? Positive or Negative… Just realize what you give, you will receive.




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