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I have been truly living these past couple of months. Ever since Hurricane Harvey hit here in Houston, there has been a major climactic shift, naturally and spiritually. I don’t know about you but sometimes I have to step back and reassess (process) asking myself, what is going on within and around you? The atmosphere just switched into survival mode. People were driving and living in anxiety and panic. Reasonably so, as they had just lost the sense of normalcy they have known for so long.

I must confess I was out of town when the Hurricane hit and nothing of mine was damaged… Thank God. But once I returned I had to immediately sympathize with my fellow Texans and help clean up the damage.

I said all of this to say… you never know the kind of blessing in disguise a natural disaster can be. Something so devastating that turns your world upside down will help you have more empathy. Moreover, God shows up in ways that we can’t comprehend when there is a need. In disaster I have learned that it sets the stage for God to work in the impossible.

When you know God and have an intimate relationship with Him, you can sense and hope that even if you have lost everything He is still on the Throne in Heaven and you can rest in that victory. As mighty as He is; God is still personal, He knows what we need even before we ask. God knew Hurricane Harvey was coming and tailor-made blessings were lined up to meet those affected in their time of need. Whether those needs were emotional, material, or financial, I witnessed people receive blessings of great magnitude. As always I want to encourage you with this, are you open to receive a blessing so unique that you have to use your spiritual eyes to receive it? If you don’t have the help of the Holy Spirit you will dismiss a blessing as a curse.


P.S. The Houston Astros won the World Series! 2017


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