First blog post

My name is Brittani Turner and I am the CEO of Pretty Gal, LLC. My passion is Real Estate and you are here to find a home or utilize my service as a Brand Consultant. The Lord has gifted me with making businesses not only survive but THRIVE.

This blog at will give you a glimpse into my life and I want it to inspire you to do more and become more of Who and What God has called you to be. I pray you are motivated to be Blessed. Enjoy the journey of knowing me through food, travel, culture, and Real Estate!


Growing & Glowing



Hello World!

I hope this post finds you in good spirits and perfect peace. Life has been unfolding for me in such a beautiful, sudden, and unexpected way but I am welcoming the changes. I am going to be a mom to a Lovely baby girl❤️❤️❤️. I also have bonus babies from my husband, and I am overwhelmed with joy in our growing family.

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a big family and last year on my birthday (previous post) I was craving and praying for the things I have now! God is so faithful to that alone. Now with my body growing, I am noticing my feminine power and new found freedom in stepping out of my comfort zone. I realized there is confidence in actively breaking mental barriers. I know this is nothing new to some of you reading this, but for me, in this season I’m living what I’ve heard people preach. There is something about realizing you are responsible for little humans that you woman up pretty fast. I expanded my thinking like a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Beyond myself, I’m thinking about education, investments… LEGACY! The ceiling I reach in life will be the floor that my children begin on.

Back to my pregnancy… I was so intimidated by the weight gain then a lightbulb came on… I’m growing a human!!!!! I then gave myself permission (grace) to embrace my growing bump. Freeing myself from ridiculous expectations across the board. That included physical, mental, professional, and emotional; I gave it all to God. It’s a daily process of not overthinking things and just accepting challenges as they come; resting in the assurance of God. Let me emphasize resting in God by trusting His promises but working the gifts to provide a future for my family. Faith without works is dead, and this Mama is still working! Love you!IMG_2289


Tailor-Made Blessing

Hello Lovely People! image-1

I have been truly living these past couple of months. Ever since Hurricane Harvey hit here in Houston, there has been a major climactic shift, naturally and spiritually. I don’t know about you but sometimes I have to step back and reassess (process) asking myself, what is going on within and around you? The atmosphere just switched into survival mode. People were driving and living in anxiety and panic. Reasonably so, as they had just lost the sense of normalcy they have known for so long.

I must confess I was out of town when the Hurricane hit and nothing of mine was damaged… Thank God. But once I returned I had to immediately sympathize with my fellow Texans and help clean up the damage.

I said all of this to say… you never know the kind of blessing in disguise a natural disaster can be. Something so devastating that turns your world upside down will help you have more empathy. Moreover, God shows up in ways that we can’t comprehend when there is a need. In disaster I have learned that it sets the stage for God to work in the impossible.

When you know God and have an intimate relationship with Him, you can sense and hope that even if you have lost everything He is still on the Throne in Heaven and you can rest in that victory. As mighty as He is; God is still personal, He knows what we need even before we ask. God knew Hurricane Harvey was coming and tailor-made blessings were lined up to meet those affected in their time of need. Whether those needs were emotional, material, or financial, I witnessed people receive blessings of great magnitude. As always I want to encourage you with this, are you open to receive a blessing so unique that you have to use your spiritual eyes to receive it? If you don’t have the help of the Holy Spirit you will dismiss a blessing as a curse.


P.S. The Houston Astros won the World Series! 2017

Inspire Yourself

Hey, You! The Strong and powerful person reading this!

The summer camp has officially ended, and my life (routine) is some what ALMOST back to normal. I grew so attached to my little babies that I am noticing an emptiness without them.

Those children gave me the motivation to wake up in the morning, no matter how random, grumpy, or needy they were, they were my little buckets of happy. As I am making my way back to the reality of adulting daily I realize how childlike I have become in my faith. I have begun believing for MIRACLES and EXPECTATIONS… I am thinking BIGGER.

I know this may not mean anything to you but for but by stepping up my faith the enemy has noticed the increase of my anointing. He has noticed that I have more angels of protection, along with these increases I have more POWER and AUTHORITY. Not because I am so mighty, but I believe in a GOD that created the Universe. That LORD OF LORDS is MY DADDY in HEAVEN!

My purpose for this blog is not to brag about my relationship with God or come across “Holier than Thou,” but I want to encourage you. When you wake up in the morning and realize you have the workings of your body, your mind, your heart and all organs are functioning properly… Sit in that magnificence for a moment and realize your breath was your first gift this day… What impression are you going to put in the world on people’s heart today? Positive or Negative… Just realize what you give, you will receive.



Unapologetically Fabulous

Unapologetically Fabulous

Good Day my Beauties!

In case you are wondering, the summer camp at my church is going well. The children have blessed me in so many ways of honesty and identity.

In my childhood, I was not as sure of myself as these kids are. They are incredibly clear about their likes and dislikes. It baffles me how they know so quickly what they desire and what they detest.

Their behavior reminds me of my own relationship with the Lord. “Unless you repent and become like little children (trusting, humble, forgiving), you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3 AMP) The contrast is that I am a twenty-something-year-old woman and it took me these children’s lifetime thus far (10 years) to learn what they instinctively know.  A secret between you and I is that I am just now walking in who God created me to be. My identity, my placement in time, my neighborhood, my gifts, my talents, my career, my looks, my body type, my wisdom have all been assigned to me by God.

I have recently discovered God gave me a voice and heart to worship. In the back of my mind, there is that ego saying, “You know you don’t sound that good, you can’t sing like (insert favorite singer here).” But just this last Sunday after church, a sister came to me and said she missed my voice. She needed to hear my voice, it’s so pure and innocent and wants to hear me let go and stop holding back. So I will do just that; I will sing like no one is listening but my Lord.

Like always, I want to leave you with something to ponder… Be you. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY FABULOUS. Do not listen to people that know nothing of your   God-given purpose. Unless you hear clear directions from the Lord your God, do not move. Do not be pressured by the spirits and things of this world because they are in opposition of your calling as a child of the KING OF KINGS. I know from my own experience that FAITH is a walk, one step, one foot, one situation at a time; in a rhythmic, steady, calculated, and intentional pattern. Do not let an outsider cause you to stumble. Let it marinate!

As always… Peace and Love.

Promise vs. Potential

Well Hello There!

A topic that has been on my mind since my last post about my birthday has been dating and relationships. The Bible says that we should marry to date, but society tells us to date to marry. Did Boaz hesistate when he found Ruth? Marinate on that for a second.

Now let’s translate this into how it looks in my life; specifically the application of what God promises to me vs. what I think that promise looks like; my expectation (potential). If I try to reason this with my thoughts (carnal mind) instead of seeking the word of God(spirit mind), I wouldn’t know what my husband looks like. Fortunately, I am a smart cookie and I learn from my mistakes. I know that I cannot lean to my own understanding in what I think my husband should look like. I have to look to God to know what the man He has for me looks like. I used to think that my husband was Tailor-Made for me and there was only one for me. But how many of you know that it takes obedience to receive all that God has for you. AND if you’re not willing to conform to the ways of God then He will raise a willing man to be what God says you deserve in your life?!

Whew! That was a mouth-full. So many times we pray for things and sow seeds and when the challenge comes (harvest) someone else reaps our sweat and work (prayers). I am currently in a harvest and I thought with my little mind that harvest meant that I would scoop up blessings and reap the seeds I’ve sown like mushrooms on Super Mario. It takes more than sliding into your blessing. You have to uncover, call, and fight for what you know is yours.IMG_0589 As that seed has grown so has a tare and you must separate your fruit from the weeds because they have grown so close that they are intertwined. While you have been fasting and praying for your breakthrough, the enemy has been working on something twice as hard to counter what God has for you. Literal bombs and landminds planted by the enemy are going off to discourage me. Weapons will form but they shall not prosper.

Please receive this somebody aka ME! Receive the message that you are in your season of breakthrough with all the promises God has for you. Now that your time has come, will you pick the potential or the promise? Will you pick what was designated, appropriated, and called for you or what looks like, sounds like, but isn’t quite so nice? Learn from my mistakes for you should choose what God has for you. The only way to see the difference is with the Holy Spirit’s revelation.

And to be completly honest with you I am ready to give up, throw the towel in and walk away… Until God tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Are you going to leave your harvest for the tiny foxes?” Then my spirit man said, “NO!”, I am literally at the place of solitude where I have applied the formula of God and I’m just waiting for the manifestation. I am fighting, ignoring the lies, tuning out the distractions, and focusing on my purpose in God He called me to according to His will to fulfill His purpose. This post is to enourage myself and I pray you are blessed as well my friend. I know I am not alone in this battle and wherever you are, pray to your God. He will hear you. He will deliver you. He will answer you. Just wait on it.

My Daughters




Years ago I met a little girl that had the brightest smile and most convincing plea when she whines, “Ms. Brittani.” From the moment I met her and her sisters, I wanted to adopt them. But realistically I didn’t think it was a wise decision. Honestly, I didn’t trust God enough to lead to me to take on the responsibility of a motherless child. At this hour, the Lord is pouring out knowledge and understanding like never before, and I have accepted the call to break the strongholds on these little girls.

I sound like such a softie, but this young lady still has my heart. Not only her but she is welcoming her friends, it’s three little girls. I consider these my blessings because they are motherless daughters. I cannot describe the desire I have to fill the void of a missing mother in their hearts. One mother is incarcerated, and the other mother is deceased.

I want you to think to yourself… What is a mother? She is a lover, she is a teacher, she is the image and hope that little girl has as an example. Without the love of a mother, I don’t know how girls can fulfill the precious calling on their life, but God. I know it is not a coincidence for my angels and me to cross paths. I watch so many documentaries about women in prison because I want to understand the breakdown in a person’s life, that they end up behind bars. The root of it spiritually is generational curses and unclean spirits.

Once again, I have been called to set these little girls free. Speaking life and blessing over them. God has allowed me to see the destiny of these little girls and I am so confident in God that He will do what He has promised. I can only lead my girls to Jesus because I have healed my own brokenness with a particular formula. Prayer. Again, God is pouring out His wisdom and knowledge like never before.

I have accepted my part in making sure these girls are loved, prayed for, provided for, and valued. The girls are currently being raised by Grandma, and that is the next best thing to Mom. But Grandma needs rest.

Today, I am not rushing to the courthouse to make them my daughters according to Man’s law. But spiritually I have taken them on as my daughters. Not by my own strength but by the loving kindness of God. Tonight, think about how many children are going to sleep without being tucked in by the sweet comfort of a mother. I pray that you ask God to let you see the needs of this world and just fill the void you can. We are all created with unique gifts and talents, and mine just happens to be love. I am a Queen. Therefore I lead my Princesses by example.


Executive Function


Welcome back to another edition at! I am coming off the heels of a birthday celebration that was bittersweet. I celebrated the day before my birthday with many people that I love, but there was still a certain sadness in my heart. I found myself replying to loving messages and encouraging birthday wishes only to find myself sobbing as I walked into a grocery store to get a birthday cake and ice cream. And it dawned on me, I just wish I had someone special to share the moment to blow out my candles. Yes, there is the love I have in friends, sorority sisters, and family but in the stillness, in that quiet corner of my heart… was despair. I was longing for the one God created me for.

So I did what I do…. I put on worship music, which happened to be Mahalia Jacksons’, “God put a rainbow in the Sky.” The smokiness and brass tones of her voice were was so raw that it penetrated the dark place I was trying to conceal. Imagine being in the middle of the sea on a raft that you made and a storm was in the sky, big clouds, lightening bolts, and rushing winds. When suddenly you see familiar faces on a yacht with happy music, and yummy snacks pull up and rescue you. I literally felt the sunshine in my heart. And just like those rushing waves, Jesus began to comfort me. His Holy Spirit met me and towered over the depths of my grief at that moment. So subtly there was peace in my heart there was an abundance of hope. I silently cried, why Lord am I alone on my birthday? Then, of course, the reassurance came that I will no longer experience a Birthday like that again. That my tears are not in vain and I can look forward to Birthdays where I will be surrounded by my husband and children and even grandchildren.

I want to encourage you today through my own healing. That there is a ministry in distraction. Distractions come in forms that we see and find solace in. Things like alcohol, sex, parties, (insert your struggle here or all that apply) meaningless relationships. You can choose to look to those temporary band-aids, or you can turn to your Healer to remove that emotional tumor. See the purpose through the pain, my beloved. I could have continued wallowing in sorrow, but I chose to turn to the Creator of my emotions. I pressed into an intimacy I have with my Heavenly Father, and I let Him into the place I was nursing. Because He wanted to heal that hint of brokenness when I was ready to give it over to Him. God only wanted me to let Him into the secret places of my heart so He could share that with my Husband. God will never shame you, but He will reveal to your spouse what you are lacking,so they know how to cover you in prayer! Come on SOMEBODY… Do you hear me?! Your destiny and purpose are on the line! You need to marry someone that is going to run this race with you and when you’re tired you can make it on their prayers.

I challenge you to override your emotions and put in your EXECUTIVE FUNCTION of your brain. Google the term if you don’t understand. I implore that you find the rainbow in your storm. I am waiting for my spouse that will protect my purpose and be a man of God that has DESTINY on his life. I did not share this post for pity, so please don’t feel sorry. I just want to testify that my God showed up in my DESPAIR and took the time to once again PROVE HIS LOVE for little me. Be encouraged Beloveds!